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My Antennas

Here are a few pics of one of the antennas. This is the 5 band / 10 element yagi. It is currently at 18 ft above ground on a telescoping pole. 6 guy wires attached to 3 48" anchors with 6" turnbuckles have it secured until the tower is done.

As you can see, the elements are not electrically conncted to the boom. The coax is connected thru a 2500 watt balun to the 20m driven element which is insulated in the center making a dipole. Two indirectly fed elements for 10m and 15m are placed nearby. Due to a convienient mixing we get a tunable 2 element antenna for 12m and 17. Gain appears to be right at 1 "S" unit. Not a big performer on 12m and 17m but certainly useful. Clearly, the gain, bandwidth and beamwidth on 10, 15 and 20m are quite respectable. While putting in a 60 hour workweek, I still managed, in the month of October, to work 41 countries on 15m and 33 countries on 20m. !0m,,,, well we are still waiting for it bit I did work11 countries. Not bad for only 18 ft above ground, 26 ft above sea level and 60 to 140 watts output.

Stay tuned! Lots of pictures coming....